Nigor net B.V has created an innovative e-commerce alliance with its authorized retail partners, and We want You to join us!

Unlike other manufacturers’ e-commerce websites, Nigor net’s e-tailing concept was created specifically with – our retailers in mind. Nigor net is the first – company in the European outdoor industry to launch such a groundbreaking initiative with its retail partners.

Nigor net’s E-commerce platform will be a brand new type of Business-to-Consumer online store that relies on our authorized retail partners to fulfil consumer orders. This platform has been created using Shopatron’s patent-pending Confident Order Exchange (COEX). Our new site will better serve those customers who choose to do their shopping online for Eureka!, CampTrails or Tech4o products. Shopatron’s Coex ensures that the consumer will be serviced by authorized retailers they can count on. This exciting initiative is designed to provide you with extra – sales at the click of a mouse, and is based upon a true partnership with our valued retailers.

Once signed up as an online partner, you will be able to access our online – store via our websites match your inventory against consumer orders placed with Eureka! Europe, Camptrails or Tech4O, and tell us when you want to fulfill an order.

Our online store and Shopatron the after sales department will assign qualifying orders to authorized retailers, helping them turn their inventory faster and acquire new consumers. You’ll also be given instant, real-time access to extensive product sales reports and nationwide consumer buying trends to help with future purchasing decisions

Increase Your Sales

Our online store will attract consumers who go online with the intent to purchase outdoor equipment, capture and process their orders and pass qualifying orders along to our authorized retailers for fulfilment. If you participate, you can turn your inventory faster and grow your business.

Build Your Customer Database

Our online store will capture consumer data and, with the consumer’s consent, share that data with the fulfilling partner.

Benefit From in-Store Pick Up

The consumer has the choice between shipment and in-store pickup in a local shop. 55% of the North American consumers decide to pick up their order in-store.

Profit From Online Sales Without The Typical Investment

Our online store will allow you to reap the rewards of e-commerce sales without the technology and marketing investment typically associated with online retail. All you do is express interest in fulfilling the order, pack and ship those orders assigned to you.

Buy Smarter!

We will provide real-time access to data rich sales reports and charts, enabling you to easy – monitor consumer demand and helping you better forecast future inventory needs.


Nigor net B.V. has created an innovative e-commerce alliance with its authorized retail partners, and We want You to join us!

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