Eureka! Innovations

Eureka! Innovations

A continuous strive for innovation has been translated into our new lightweight, backpacking tents as the KeeGo series, Yuki 4, Spitfire Duo XT. Our family tents have been designed with a focus on compact pack size and low weight. That’s why we introduce our new family tent models as Stony Pass, Palazzo and Lookout Loft for 2014. The whole tent fits in one bag with a low weight and it’s compact size fits in the trunk of any small car.

We make the camping experience more comfortable by introducing the ultimate sleeping experience: our new SoftRest air mat series. Constructed of a combination of stretch fabric and light foam which gives the optimum body support.  The high insulation value avoids cold from the ground cooling off your body temperature. Small pack size given the size of the air mats.


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