Experience Centre

“Our commitment is the development and distribution of high quality outdoor products, that are build to withstand the climatic and topographic challenges in Europe, from the subtropical regions in the South till the Arctic in the North”

We make the recreational gear you need to make your experience more enjoyable, such as tents, backpacks sleeping bags, air mats and other camping accessories. We value your input as we are always looking for New ideas, New products, or simply Experiences you may want to share.

Unique Formula

It is a unique formula, direct contact between producer and consumer. “The Experience centre is a showroom for both our business clients, as well as our consumers who would like to see our full range. Learn about our products by personal assistance of our well trained staff, watch product videos or collect our brochures and other product sheets. We value the input of our customers as we are always looking for new ideas, new products, or simply experiences you may want to share.

Eureka! and Nigor®

All products, fabrics and colours of almost 80 tent models are exposed. Next to the tent range, visitors can see our backpacks, sleeping bags, self inflating mattresses and camping furniture of both Eureka! and NIGOR®. Visitors are invited to compare and try all products and by doing so they can experience the quality of our brands. Furthermore they can obtain an impression of the rich history of Eureka!, that created its first tent in 1895.

Beech Wood range with adjustable table
NIGOR® lightweight aluminium and wooden furniture

Also other brands that are distributed by Nigor net are presented in the Experience Centre.

With more than 2.500 m2, around 90 tents and hundreds of accessories, the Experience Centre is an indoor adventure for both experienced and beginning nature lovers.
•Look, feel, compare and test our products
•All NIGOR® and Eureka! products are on display and can be ordered
•Learn more about our products from informative videos, brochures and demonstrations
•Benefit from the personalized advice offered by our on-site experts

How to Buy

Our dedicated and well educated staff will advice you how and where you can obtain the products of your choice. You are free to select the following options: 1) Pick up in store. We will allocate the product of your choice and direct you to one of our retail partners to pick up the selected product. 2) Buy online. You can finalize your purchase either in the Centre or at your home. You can choose the delivery address of your choice or have it delivered for pick up in store at one of our retailers.

Appointments, Meetings & Personal Assistance

Appointment service allows you to book a personal service appointment for a specific day and time that is convenient for you. With a booked appointment, our staff will be ready when you arrive and is at your disposal during the duration of the appointment. For beginners or accomplished experts for individuals, couples, families or even groups you can set-up an appointment.

Repair Center

The Eureka! Experience Centre is also meant as place for – meetings. We welcome any good ideas and invite you to contact us for outdoor related conferences, environmental issues, lectures or presentations. The Central location and setting of the Centre makes it an ideal meeting place. The Eureka! Experience is located at the Europalaan 97, 3526 KP in Utrecht.


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