Our commitment is the development and distribution of high quality outdoor products

We are passionate about traveling, hiking, camping and the outdoors. We develop our products inspired by your outdoor adventures.

Nigor B.V. is a European company that’s creative and market driven, handling product development, sales and marketing for some of the most recognisable brand names in the recreational – industry. The company’s office and showroom are located in the Netherlands.


NIGOR® was launched in 2014, bringing together a team with many years of experience in the design and production of outdoor gear. Adopting an approach of no compromise when creating products.

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NIGOR® has been manufacturing quality tents, furniture and backpacks becoming known as an innovative brand in the outdoor industry.

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Our Ecommerce Model

Nigor B.V. has created an innovative e-commerce alliance with its authorized retail partners, and We want You to join us!

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Dealers Locations

Nigor B.V. Dealers Name & Location in Europe.

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Where to buy?

NIGOR® products can be purchased through our dealer network or directly in our webshop.

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Experts in Tactical Design

Eureka! is a leading tent supplier to the military. The experience gained as the prime manufacturer of the MGPTS has brought other government contracts to Eureka!

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Private Labelling for Business Partners

We offer a perfect mixture of quality, flexibility, efficiency, confidentiality, competitive pricing and customized service. In close cooperation we identify your needs and serve you not just as a customer, but as a – partner with the same objective: driving your performance.

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